Fire damages apartment near Holmes Lake

By: Kali Nicole

A sprinkler system saved an apartment complex from going up in smoke! Lincoln Firefighters were called to the Chateau Terrace apartments near Holmes Lake just after 2pm Tuesday afternoon. When they arrived, they could see smoke, and inside a unit, there were flames on the stove and countertops.

Luckily, they had help fighting the blaze. “The apartment complex is equipped with a sprinkler system which probably saved the apartment, as well as adjacent units, if not the entire building. So, it would've really been rolling if we wouldn't have had it to keep it in check or put it out, you know kept it down,” LFR Capt. Joe Millard said.

No one was home at the time. Crews say there is extensive water damage to the unit. However, because the tenants are moving out, they say there wasn't much damage to personal property.