Fire Fed By Natural Gas Line Destroys Home

At least 7 fire crews responded to an explosion and fire at a home in northeast Lincoln Sunday evening.

The fire was  at 5320 Colfax was reported around 5 PM.  After first going into the home, firefighters had to retreat, after they encountered a sudden and intense burst of flames in the basement, being fed by a natural gas line. 

Deputy Chief Jeanne Pashalek said that a backdraft that exploded after firefighters arrived was strong enough to blow out the front door.

Homeowners Adolph and Dorothy Hosek were at the Starlight Ballroom near Wahoo when the blaze broke out.

“We didn't know a thing until we came around the corner,” said Adolph, who added he was worried about his wife fainting.

The Hoseks built the home in 1959, and they had just finished redecorating it, Adolph said.

Dorothy operates a beauty shop in the basement.
Pashalek says it started in the basement, and  neighbors say a fire possibly caused by a freak lighting strike.