Fire station cut in mayor’s budget proposal saves building

Mayor Chris Beutler gave his budget proposal to the city council Monday afternoon.  Some people are questions his recommendation to close Fire Station 11 in Airpark after firefighters from that station saved a business Monday night. 

Fire crews from Station 11 were sent to Slick's Cocktail Lounge on NW 48th Street Monday evening when the building's sign caught fire.  Employees say it's ironic that a fire broke in Airpark the same day the mayor proposed cutting the station all together.  Slick's employee Bob Stratton says, “Just because we're out here in Airpark, we shouldn't have the luxury that everyone else has in town?  Had they not been here, this place would have probably burned down.”

Firefighters responded within minutes and were able to tackle the fire before it spread, leaving only the bars sign and a few shingles burned.  Captain Guy Pinkman says, “Crews from Station 11, the airport fire station, responded and their quick response is what saved the fire from getting into the building.  They got water on the building's exterior quickly and dosed the flames before it penetrated the roof.”

City Councilman Carl Eskridge represents that area and says 7,000 people live up in that area and need protection.  The mayor says the numbers don't support that.  The mayor says, “They had 304 calls, whereas Station 1 and Station 2 had 7 thousand.”