Firefighter treated for minor injuries after house fire

By: Kayla Bremer

A fire at a north Lincoln apartment has left multiple people homeless and sent one firefighter to the hospital.

That firefighter was treated for minor injuries.  Crews say the blaze started from newspapers and trash stacked around the basement furnace.

Willie Brown looked at his home in total disbelief after a fire destroyed most of the house he lives in.

“I guess there was a fire in the basement and it caught the whole house on fire,” Brown said.

He was supposed to be bringing his wife home from Madonna Rehabilitation Center but says now he doesn't know where they'll go.

“My house is gone.  This is my first day back for my wife to come home from a stroke and there's no home to come to.”

It happened Saturday morning near 32nd and O Streets around 7:50.  The two and a half story house is broken up into two apartments and Brown says his neighbor was home when the fire started.  He woke up to the smell of smoke, went next door and called 911.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue crews battled the flames and were still on the scene hours after the fire started.

“We arrived and there was a lot of smoke coming up from the basement to the roof,” Captain Mike Birdwell said.  “It was a deep seeded fire.  We pulled a couple lines, we got in there.”

Although the house is still standing, the blaze left the house in ruins.

“To me it's a personal, it's a total loss,” Birdwell said.

Brown doesn't know if he'll be able to recover any of his belongings.  He says although he is still processing what's happened, he's thankful the fire department and Red Cross got to his home so quickly and that no one was hurt.