Firework Stands Open

We've heard the booms and bangs around Lincoln for the past several days.  Now, we can legally set those fireworks off.

“I'm so excited I love fireworks the fourth of July is the best day in Lincoln lets be honest,” Marcel Baker said about the holiday celebration.

Its a day that can't be topped thanks to things like shootin iron, country thunder and livin in the USA.

Carrie Keating says, “just how they go up to the air and collide together it looks cool for the 4th of July.”

The crazy cracker stand is one of more than 70 around the city, which opened their doors right at 8 a–am.

And since then hundreds of people have stopped by getting ready for the big weekend.

This is the first year, you can buy and light firecrackers in city limits. You can also now set off fireworks with reports,t hose are the ones which make the big bang.

Betsy Egan runs the stand and she's watched those new fireworks fly off the shelves.

“I think our customers are glad they're able to get them in Lincoln and not have to leave town to buy those items because they're fun things that people enjoy shooting,” Egan said.