Fireworks could be behind house, car fires

It's still a few days away from the 4th and already fire officials are dealing with some dangerous situations.

Fireworks are really popular this time of year, but if you're not careful, the can cause a lot of damage.  It looks like they could be to blame for a house fire in Gretna that left a family homeless.  The fire caused more than a half of a million dollars in damage to the home.

The state fire marshal's office says the family was lighting fireworks and when they were done they put them in a garbage bag.  Brad Stoup is with the fire marshal's office and says, “it's likely the fireworks were still warm at the time, hot when they placed them in the bag and then they sat next to a combustible in the garage.”

In Lincoln, soot is all that's left from a car fire near 47th and “M” streets.  There was another car fire just a few blocks away.  Jonathan Johnson was going to buy the vehicle from a friend.  He says, “there's no reason for it.  It's a selfish act and I hope they catch whoever.”

Investigators say at least one of those fires could have been started with an explosive made from fireworks.  Police think the incidents are related, based on the timing and location, but believe the cars were picked at random.

There was an arson fire in the same area this past weekend but police don't believe it's related.

As for the fireworks, the fire marshal's office says it's a good idea to wet them down after you've lit them off to avoid a fire.