Fireworks now on sale in Nebraska

Get ready for some loud bangs and colorful skies, fireworks are back in season!

Sunday was the first day that counties across Nebraska can begin selling fireworks.

"You know people are excited. You know, first to buy fireworks and since Lincoln can’t have it. they come out to town, out to Davey. And they were here when we opened at 9 a.m. this morning," said Curtis Schnase, the owner of Davey Fireworks.

Not everybody bought, some came just to look and get into the patriotic spirit.

Gabe Allen, a shopper, says, "I like it because we’re getting to celebrate a place that took us a long place to find, just independence."

Many counties across Nebraska, including Lancaster have begun selling fireworks, with the exception of the city of Lincoln.

They won’t open their stands until July 3rd.

Davey Fireworks, in Davey, Nebraska expects a big day for business with hundreds of firework enthusiasts. The business has been run by the same family for 39 years. Owner Curtis Schnase developed his passion for the Fourth of July at a young age.

"It’s my favorite holiday. I started when I was 13-years-old on my parents porch on the card table," said Schase.

While the holiday brings with it fire-cracking fun, Schnase says it’s always important to stay safe. Safety experts say more than 9,000 Americans are injured by fireworks each year.

Schnase says, "When you’re done, you know, after your firework shoot, douse all your stuff with water. Make sure you always put the fireworks on a flat hard surface."

Davey Fireworks will have a firework show tonight to kickoff their opening day.

Americans spend an average of $725,000 on fireworks every year.

And just  reminder, it is illegal to light-off fireworks within Lincoln city limits until July 3rd, but you’re free to do so outside of city limits.