Fireworks Thieves

The Fourth of July weekend is finally here.  Cause for a lot of celebration, but not for one man in Bennet who's holiday tent became the target of thieves.  And it turns out, he was using his fireworks stand to raise money for cancer research-a disease very close to his heart.

Sometime last night petty thieves stole fireworks from Jack Robinson, the owner of a fireworks tent in Bennet.  Most nights, he sleeps in the tent to keep a watchful eye over his merchandise.  

“Very selfish, just very upsetting and obviously I feel bad, because I was the guy on duty,” says Robinson. 

Everything sold in Robinson's tent goes to cancer research through the American Cancer Society.   

It's become an important cause to Robinson since his granddaughter Jesse lost her battle with cancer. 

She was in 2nd grade when a tumor was found in her brain.

“We work to raise money so that there won't be any more Jesse's that die from brain tumors,” says Robinson. 

It's not clear if the burglar or burglars knew who they were stealing from, but if their out there Robinson has a message.  

“This isn't gonna stop us, slow us down a little bit, but, if the guys or girls or whoever did this sees this.   I'd ask them just to bring the fireworks back,” says Robinson.  

 If you have any information on the suspects who committed this crime please call the Lancaster County Sheriff at 441–6520.