First Day of School in Lincoln

Tuesday was the first day of class for Lincoln Public Schools. And for one group of parents, the day was especially tough. The first day of school is always an emotional time of the year and for the parents of kindergartners, it marks a turning point for both student and parent. Saratoga Elementary was just one of many hotspots Tuesday morning. With backpacks strapped up, kids were ready to hit the classroom.

With a friendly hello, school staff helped ease kids anxiety. But maybe more in need of a helping hand are the parents of kindergartners, because they're realizing their babies are growing up.

Elementary schools all across Lincoln know how trying a day like Tuesday can be. To prepare parents, they've sent home packets of information designed to make this transition easier. After two and a half hours the kindergarten day came to a close and while it may have seemed longer to most parents, seeing there kids cross this milestone is all worth it.

The principal at Saratoga says one of the keys to kindergarten is establishing a schedule and allowing time for both parents and students to get used to the change.