First District Congressional Candidates Hold Debate At State Fair Park

The Nebraska State Fair became a political hot spot Sunday afternoon. First District Congressional candidates Matt Connealy and Jeff Fortenberry held a debate at State Fair Park. Hundreds of people turned out to watch the two square off. The debate was centered around agricultural issues as you might expect at the state fair, with each candidate explaining how their plans would appeal to rural Nebraska. Connealy cited his lifelong work in the farming industry, while Fortenberry presented a pamphlet detailing how he would handle agricultural issues. Another issue on Fortenberry's platform is tax reform. But Connealy says the proposed reform would shift the way nNebraskans pay tax and could cost them more in the long run. One of Connealy's driving points continues to be his independence from voting down party lines, time and time again he's said he won't be a rubber stamp vote for the party.

One of the debates at the debate was actually among the crowd. T-shirts showing support for individual candidates were not allowed to be worn in the open-air auditorium as the organizers wanted to keep the debate as objective as possible.

Also, an announcement was made Sunday that the adult gate-admission for the final day of the state fair on Monday has been reduced from 7 to 5-dollars per person.