Five Homes Burglarized

In total five homes all around Lincoln were burglarized yesterday between the hours of 8 am and 8 PM.

Duke Patel says Friday morning started out just like any other for he and his family until… “when my wife came back home at about 3 o'clock she opened the garage but wasn't able to get into the house which was unusual…because we leave that door unlocked.”

That's when he knew something was wrong.  “We saw that particularly in the bedroom, all the clothes and everything was just on the floor and everywhere.”

Patel's home had been targeted by thieves.  As it turns out, four other homes were targeted in the Lincoln area yesterday as well.  Police say the thieves all used the same method of entry. By breaking in through back patio doors.  Police say they took mostly cash and jewelry.

“I think they knew what they were looking for, for the most part.”

Residents in other targeted neighborhoods say they're worried. Chris Varela says “it is concerning that you know, our neighborhood has been hit by this.”

Patel says he's hoping for answers. “hopefully we'll get some fingerprints off and maybe get lucky and find some match or what not and if not, then you just put everything back together and carry on you know.”

Police say they don't have any suspects in custody and until they do this case is open.