Five new stores to open at Nebraska Crossing

By: Jenn Hatcher

Business at the Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall is going great.

“This is so much better than what use to be out here for the outlets so this is great, there’s everything we could ask for out here,” says Marci Covington of Louisville.

Over the holiday weekend, traffic at the mall increased 25 to 30 percent.

“The weekend as a whole was opening weekend level of traffic,” explains Marketing Director, Jenni Mitten.

Mitten says management is planning an exciting summer, including the opening of five new stores.

-Steve Madden.

-A Watch Station.



-The Limited.

Mitten says, “We have a lot of sports stores, we have a lot of shoes stores, so it will just kind of fill in those gaps that are kind of missing in the market here.”

In the 7 months the mall has been open, no-one has had to close up shop.

Another restaurant is also preparing to open, Pieocracy Pizza.

Steve Madden will open in early August, in time for back to school shopping, the other retailers will follow suit in September.

Once the new retailers open, there will only be two vacant spots in the whole mall, which management hopes to fill before years end.

The outlet is also host to many events; a concert announcement is expected later this week.

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