Five-year old starts lip balm business

        Ariana Rodrigues may be young she’s not letting that stop her.

        At just five years old she started a lip balm business, it’s an idea she got the idea while on a vacation to Panama, "A lot of people have businesses and I wanted to get my own like you don’t have to wait until you’re older you can just do it when you’re five or fifteen."

        Ariana was so inspired by all the business owners she wanted to be one herself.

        From the time she could walk Ariana had a passion for lip balm, so she told her mom she wanted to turn it into a business.

        "She said I want to make my own lip balms and we said OK that’s a great thing when you get older you can have a business and she asked why do I have to wait until I get older," said Catherine, Ariana’s mom.

        Ariana was not going to let her age stop her…

        She and her mom dove head first into learning all they could about the product.

        It took some time and few less than perfect batches but they finally got an all natural, minimal ingredient formula just right.

        After getting the formula down Ariana helped create a variety of flavors, design a logo, and reached a deal with local co–op Open Harvest to get her product sold in stores.

        "I was really excited because that’s my first time to make lip balm to go in a store my mom said I that’s to be just perfect," said Ariana.

        Open Harvest carries Ariana’s lip balm, which she named Fresh by Ariana, in both the natural and vegan variety.

        While Catherine is thrilled for her daughter’s success she loves that it allows them to spend more time together and continue learning, "This has been really fun and yeah it lets us do something together we’re learning and we’re laughing more than anything."

        Fresh By Ariana sells for three dollar per lip balm.

        If you would like to get more information about the lip balm you can check out their Facebook page.