Flex Fuel vehicles

The Obama administration has set a goal to establish 10,000 more Ethanol fuel pumps in the nation by the year 2022. This is good news for Nebraska… Since we're the 2nd biggest producer of ethanol in the country.

It's great news. But actions taken by Congress could completely negate Obama's goals. So, we traveled to York to learn more from the experts. Agricultural offices of all types convened in York today to discuss the importance of ethanol to Nebraska. Because, as Todd Sneller with the Nebraska Ethanol Board tells us, even as President Obama pushes for more ethanol production, Congress, in an effort to slash the federal budget, is looking to cut incentives to biofuels.

“If they're going down that path we think it's important that they look at all federal incentives for transportation fuels including oil incentives that continue today at the rate of between 5 and 8 billion dollars a year. But, they seem to have focused on ethanol incentives that in large part are important for these reduced prices at the pump consumers enjoy,” Sneller said.

Even as gas prices decline slightly, any break at the pump is a good thing. The price for this E–85 gas is a little misleading, it was on sale. But even without the sale, E–85 is routinely 75 cents cheaper than unleaded. Partly because of federal incentives but also because it was produced just down the street. “That fuel is produced here in the state so they'd like to market more of it close to their production facilities,” Sneller said.

We're still not sure how this tug and pull between President Obama and Congress is going to shape up. But, if you're interested to know whether or not your vehicle runs on E–85, you can log onto www.ne-ethanol.org