Flooding hits parts of Nebraska

Nebraska is experiencing some of it's worst flooding since 1993. In the Waterloo area, about an hour northeast of Lincoln the Platte river has forced evacuations and caused road closures. People in Waterloo say it just took a matter of hours from it to go to no water…to flooding.

We talked to home owner Paul Gurnon, where the Platte river is literally his backyard. Luckily though he says there's no water in his house, just a little bit seeping. Not everyone is so lucky. We talked to another resident who lives just outside of town on Kings lake…he left his house Monday morning and hasn't been able to get back because all of the roads are shut down.

Floodwaters are receding in some parts of Nebraska swamped over the weekend, as residents hope for a couple dry days to keep the wet stuff at bay. Forecasters at the National Weather Service in Valley said Monday that they expected the Platte River to crest Monday evening, carrying 104,500 cubic feet of water per second.

At its peak, the volume during the flooding in 1993 was 160,000 cubic feet of water per second. Officials report that water is receding in hard-hit areas around Fremont and Schuyler, Dozens of homes across the state had to be evacuated, but officials have reported that most of the damage was to farmland, roads and bridges.

Officials say damage wasn't severe in most of the homes that were flooded.