Flu Cases Up During Holidays

It looks like many people across the state may have gotten more than just presents over the holidays. In the last few weeks, local hospitals have seen a big increase in respiratory illnesses, including the flu. The Heath Department has seen flu cases more than double in the last week. It's not only the flu their seeing. R.S.V. is also filling up hospitals in Lincoln. Merek, who is just six weeks old, is forced to take breathing treatments after he became sick with Respiratory Syncytial Virus. It's a virus that can be deadly to infants if not treated. Unfortunately Merek is not alone. A number of hospitals across the state have reported seeing a sharp increase in R.S.V. As for the flu, the Health Department says just last week they had 50 cases, up from 7 the week before. They recommend that you cover your nose and wash your hands. They also say the vaccine is a must. If you're already sick health officials recommend avoiding large crowds. If you see your child becoming sick, don't send them back to school. Doing these things can greatly reduce an outbreak of the flu or R.S.V.. If you still haven't been vaccinated, their are still vaccines available. You can go to flucliniclocator.org.