Flu shot will include H1N1 vaccine

Fall is coming up and flu season won't be far behind it.

Many experienced the aches, chills and fever last year and whether it was the flu or the H1N1, this year those strains are being combined into one shot.

St. Elizabeth's employee Jan Madsen had a confirmed case of H1N1 last year.  She says she'll be first in line to get the combined H1N1 and flu shot this year.  She says, “I think everyone should get the flu shot and be prepared.  It's not worth going through the extra hassle and get the testing done to find out what's going on.”

The health department says shipments of the shot have already arrived at places like Walgreens and that those shipments will continue through October.

ABC News' Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser says it's hard to determine how serious each year's flu strain will be.  “Each year it's a mystery as to what drives the strain of flu.  The vaccine that's available this winter will have as part of it the H1N1 strain.  Whether or not that strain is back in full force or if its another strain is really anyone's guess.”

Madsen says getting the flu shot this year isn't even a question and that she doesn't want to go through the aches and pains of H1N1 again.  “I definitely plan on getting it every year.”

Dr. Besser says, “my big recommendation is, if you're in one of those groups whom it's recommended, get the flu shot.”

The health department says they should be receiving their first shipments of the flu shot later this month.  They provide shots at their office for those with low income or those without insurance.

You can also contact your local physician.