Flu Vaccine and Young Children

There are many young children who are at risk if they don't get a flu shot. But, there is some flu vaccine available for them. And to get one is as close as your family physician.

Doctor Michelle Walsh is a pediatrician here in Lincoln. She is hoping her vaccine supply will stretch. She told Channel 8 Eyewitness News, “I hope we'll have enough. We've been calling parents with high risk children. We're hoping to get them in before we run out.”

Here are the kids Dr. Walsh says should be considered high risk.

* Children six to 23 months old

* Children with an illness like asthma or diabetes and their brothers and sisters

Dr. Walsh says ever since the shortage scare, she has been very busy. “We have had a lot of calls, but, unfortunately, we're not able to vaccinate everyone at this point.”

We should mention the Centers for Disease Control says Aventis is distributing 20 million more doses of the flu vaccine and says they should be made available soon.