Former Huskers start a business boosting company

By: Kali Nicole

You may remember seeing Adi Kunalic at every Husker kick off for four years, and Blake Lawrence as a starting linebacker for two years before too many concussions forced him to quit. Now, they're helping you be seen, via social media.

Forget the dumb jock stereotype. Kunalic graduated in four years with a 3.8 GPA and Lawrence in two and a half years before working on his MBA. Together, they've started a one of a kind social media business.

Even off the field, former football players are still kickin' it in the coolest places. “In Nebraska, the Haymarket is the place where it's at. There's a lot of creative people here,” said Lawrence. It's the perfect place to put their past connections to interlinked ones. “As former athletes we designed a plan to connect professional businesses with former athletes via Twitter.”

For example, Ndamukong Suh, who has nearly 200,000 followers sends out a tweet telling people to try out a product, he gets paid, and the business hopes to get sacked with customers.

The athletes come from all different sports, and getting the brands connected with the athletes online is seamless, but it didn't all start in this chic space.

Rex Lamb is president of FileBound, a software development company that helps companies go paperless. The first place to give an opportunity to the unique social media entrepreneurs.

“They went from interns to contractors for us. The put Facebook, Twitter and blogs to use to promote our products,” said Lamb. Once they went off on their own, FileBound was their very first client. “There are some measurable results in that we are finding additional products, additional prospects that are turning into customers that we wouldn't have had we not had developed this strategy through Hurrdat.”

“Where'd you hear that, I heard that on Facebook. I heard that on Twitter,” explains Kunalic about the name of their company. And you heard it here first. Football players are even good off the field, tackling unique initiatives to launch your Lincoln business, all while still keeping it cool.

“I think I'll still have an opportunity to play in the future buy I'm glad I have this and that it's growing and doing good,” said Kunalic. Both Kunalic and Lawrence say it's super easy to see and use their services. All you have to do is check out their web site