UPDATE: Former Lincoln Resident Killed in Denver Bar

By: Cole Miller

A memorial service has been scheduled for Kelly Fallon on Thursday, October 25. It will be held at
6:30 pm at Calvary Temple in Denver.

Early Wednesday morning, Kelly Fallon, a former Lincoln resident, and four others were found murdered in a Denver bar. Now, her friends remember her fun-loving and warm personality.

Emergency crews swarm a Denver bar early Wednesday morning. It was just before 2 a.m. when a Denver police officer saw smoke coming from Fero's Bar and Grill. Inside, police say they found five bodies, all with clear signs of foul play.

We now know one of those victims to be former Lincoln resident, 45-year-old Kelly Fallon. She was at the bar celebrating her new job. Her friend Angela Zoucha was stunned to hear the news.

“Pure shock…Kelly just had a bunch of great things going for her and it's sad to know that even through all of that, she never got to enjoy the fruit of all of that,” Zoucha said.

Denver police say they have new clues as to how the tragic events unfolded.

“It appears that the motive of this crime was robbery, that they came in there, I don't want to say it was a robbery gone bad, but it wound up being a robbery,” Denver Police Commander Donald Saunier said. “Arson was set to try and cover up the crime scene to the event.”

Despite everything, Zoucha says Fallon would want everyone to stay positive.

“I think Kelly would want us to move on, not worry about yesterday, moving forward to tomorrow and making the best of it and it didn't matter what yesterday was,” Zoucha said. “I think that's what Kelly would want.”

Police have arrested three men for the crime. 22–year–old Dexter Lewis, 27–year–old Joseph Hill and 24–year–old Lynell Hill. They're all facing charges first-degree murder, arson and aggravated robbery.

Denver police say they don't plan on making any more arrests, but will continue their investigation. The cause of death has not been made clear at this time.