Former LPD officer sentenced for forgery

Posted By:  Cole Miller

Former Lincoln police officer Cassandra Briggs was just about eligible for parole, but not any more.  Briggs was sentenced Tuesday for up to two years behind bars for falsely reporting her ATM card had been stolen.

It turns out, she had instructed her mother, who lives in Florida, to make the withdrawals all while she was locked up.

“This incident is sort of mind boggling to me because she hadn't even been released from that sentence yet before she again commits another crime of the same sort,” Deputy County Attorney Holly Parsley said.

That crime being felony theft.

A little more than one year ago, Briggs was sentenced up to five years for felony theft.  She had stolen more than $9,000 from the Santa Cop charity.

Her attorney says both crimes were unfortunate and was hoping the judge would go easy on her this time around.

“This obviously wasn't a violent crime, it's something that she admitted fairly quickly. Obviously not right at the beginning, but fairly quickly. I think it was a poor decision, but it's something she's learning from,” Briggs's attorney Elizabeth Elliott said.

In the end, all sides agreed that Briggs, after serving her time, could return to a normal life and be successful.

“There isn't a reason in the world that you cant get back on your feet and be a productive citizen but the only person who can determine that is you,” Judge Karen Flowers said.

Briggs's eligibility for parole has been pushed back about a year.