Former Nebraska athletes receive special honor

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Game wins and winning records, set years ago, doesn’t compare to the honor of being inducted into the Nebraska High School Hall of Fame.

"To be with some very very famous people and to be apart of that is just mind boggling to me," Says Jan Wall, High School Hall of Fame Recipient.

Jan Wall is one of the 18 newly inducted athletes. His game started on the baseball field at Lincoln Northeast High School, and took him all the way to the majors, playing for the New York Mets.

"It took a lot of practice; I spent more hours in the backyard at night playing than probably eating," says Wall.

Joining him Sunday afternoon was Danny Noonan. He dedicated the day to his former coaches.

“When I look back you can really tell that I learned a lot from those coaches throughout the years at Lincoln Northeast,” say Noonan High School Hall of Fame Recipient.

The all-state player and former middle guard for the Nebraska Huskers extended his career to the NFL for six years.

Now, years later, Wall has stepped off the pitchers mound, and Noonan hung up his cleats, but their clock has not run out.

Noonan still carries with him one lesson learned on the field, preparation.

“That’s what really instilled in me. Going back even to midget football, is how you prepare for the game or how you prepare for that practice,” says Noonan.

And Wall still dreams about the game, but his dreams are for younger generations. He hopes they still enjoy the game that gave him so much.

“We had fun; we went out and enjoyed sports. Today it’s more like a business. We’re forced to go practice, you don’t force practice you enjoy practice,” says Wall.

This year’s induction marks the 21st annual honoring of athletes.