Former President Ronald Reagan Dies

Word came about mid-afternoon Saturday that former president Ronald Reagan died at the age of 93, after a long struggle with Alzeimer's Disease. The nation and the world is mourning the passing of the former president, who served from 1981 to 1989. Reagan, the 40th president, lived longer than any other American president. He was a cheerful crusader who devoted his presidency to winning the Cold War and trying to scale back government. Among those reacting to President Reagan's death are two former Nebraska governors who remember Mr. Reagan as both a colleague and a friend. Former governors Charles Thone and J.J. Exon are remembering Ronald Reagan as a great president and friend. They both knew President Reagan personally for many years. Both served as governors of Nebraska when Ronald Reagan was governor of California. They both say his political legacy will be the part he played in ending the Cold War. Exon says,  “It was because of the policies and the strong stand ad positions essentially of President Ronald Reagan that made it possible for us to see the end of the Soviet Union as a super power.” But both men also knew the president on a personal level.  Charles Thone was the first governor to endorse Reagan for president, and was later appointed by Reagan to the president's Export Commission. He remembers a funny man who loved to talk. Thone says, “His sense of humor in private as well as occasionally publiclly was really special and his devotion to Nancy Reagan. As a couple they'll go down in history as really a marriage made in heaven.”  Exon says the man he knew in private was the same Ronald Reagan the public saw as well.  Exon says, “I always salute my friend Ronald Reagan for what he did and I think he was a great president.”