Fortenberry has confidence a deal can be done

By: Bill Schammert

As national sources have confirmed, the House will not vote on a deal to prevent going over the Fiscal Cliff Monday night.  But, congressman Jeff Fortenberry remains confident a bill to stop a majority of tax hikes will be passed in the next few days.

“Only one portion of this problem is being substantially dealt with at this moment,” congressman Fortenberry told Channel 8.  “At least what it does is stop the massive tax hikes that would've been harmful to Nebraska families.”

The congressman said the bill would also settle the issue of what the tax rates are going to be in the tax code for the long term.  It also leaves time open for more debate on how to substantially reduce spending.

Another big issue for Nebraskans is the Farm Bill, but the republican says he is unsure if the bill will be presented on the House floor Monday night.

According to some officials, this means milk prices could skyrocket as high as $7.

With everything that's happened, we asked the congressman if the country should have confidence in its elected leaders.

“One problem with leaving this very important policy work until the 11th hour, is that it adds cynicism to the institution of Congress and the presidency,” he said. “This is not healthy for our country.”

Keep in mind, even if a bill is passed, paychecks are still likely to go down.

The tentative bill would let the two-percent payroll tax cut expire, meaning someone making $40,000 would see about $65 less in their paycheck per month.