Forum held on Haymarket Arena

The big vote for the Haymarket arena is just 5 days away. Both sides are pulling out all the stops to make sure everyone is educated before they cast their vote. This is the major issue on the May 11th ballot…many are hoping this will drive voters to the polls…and both sides do agree on 1 thing…they want everyone to know what they're voting for when the fill in that oval.

A small crowd showed up in the Haymarket to hear from both sides of the arena, but many had their minds already made up including Brad Carper, his issues: “The cost is so high, where we're building it, nobody buys anything unless they know how much the untested property is going to cost us,” Carper said.

Many of those in support of the arena, disagree with that…and this is something Lincoln needs. “I'm a small business owner, I work really hard and we all take a little bit of risk, this is a risk that is necessary to take,” Greg Osborn said.

Moderating the debate was J.L Spray and Kandra Hahn…Hahn is against the arena, these are her 3 main points. “The problem with the cost, I don't think they work, we have problem with the rail yard, and we're still having problems with the job figures,” Hahn said.

But those 3 points are why Spray says you should vote in favor, he says low building costs, using the already popular Haymarket area and adding jobs. Regardless of their different views though, they all do agree on one thing, this will impact everyone. “This particular issue will affect everyone from the grandparent, to people going to the sporting events and people going to the concerts,” Spray said.

The turnout was fairly low, but many people there say it's probably because just about everyone has decided how they're going to vote. Just a quick reminder, election day is this Tuesday.