Foster CARE Closet looking to bring hope statewide

Posted by: Abigail Wood

Now adopted, Luna and her older sister Crystal first came to the Nabb family through the foster care system. Crystal was three; Luna only three months. They had nothing.

"They’re scared, they don’t know us, we don’t know them," said her mother, Cindy Nabb. "We have a million appointments we need to get to and we don’t have time necessarily to take them out and go shopping."

The Foster CARE Closet helped the Nabb family in those first few days, giving them clothes for the girls and supplies. The closet partners with local retailers to get nice clothes for children so they can transition to a new house with dignity.

"Our main goal is to make everybody comfortable and at ease," said Garrett Esau with the closet. "We want to reduce trauma, because that’s a very traumatic situation for anyone."

The closet has a sponsorship program. For about $25 a month, you can help a child thru not just the first hours of crisis, but in the months following as well. 

"Every season we could go back and get five more outfits for each of the girls," Cindy Nabb said. " And we did that while they were in care."

The Foster CARE Closet just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary, and it’s looking to expand. The Nabb family, thankful for their experience with the closet, helped with a fundraiser last week that raised around $12,000 to launch the organization in Scottsbluff, Grand Island, and Omaha.

"They’ve had teenagers come in in garbage bags…when they come into the ‘Intake,’" Cindy said. "They are ecstatic for whatever is available."

There are around 4,000 kids in foster care across that state at any one time. If you want to help out with this endeavor, here is a link to the Foster CARE Closet website.