Foster homes in short supply

The need for foster parents in the Lincoln area has hit a critical level.  Just last week, CEDARS Youth Services received referrals for 66 children in need of a foster home and 52 of them were turned away.

Thursday night, they held a forum to try and get more foster parents on board.

Last year, CEDARS served over 450 foster kids, a number the organization just can't keep up with.  CEDARS President and CEO Jim Blue says, “We have about 300 kids every night staying with CEDARS and still, it breaks our heart when we have to turn down every child.”

Candace McPherson has been a foster parent for several years and currently looks after five foster children in addition to her biological children.  She says it's something she's always wanted to do.  “I was a little skeptical and scared and I thought you know, 'If I can do it, anyone can do it and why not? It's parenting. That's easy.'”

That's what McPherson is hoping to teach potential foster families.  McOherson says, “Most parents are good parents and that's all most kids want is, a loving home.  For people to love them, care about them and teach them new things.”

New things, new home, a new experience for everyone involved, but a safe environment for the young ones who matter the most.

Keep in mind, you do get money to help take care of foster child.  CEDARDS says if you're on the fence about becoming a foster parent, just pick up the phone and call and learn more.

It does not mean you're making a commitment.

To find out more about becoming a foster parent, call 402-434-5437 or visit