Four victims and counting in gas pump scam

Posted by: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is investigating who’s behind a gas skimming scam at the Shoemakers near 77th and Saltillo. They say someone put a skimming device in the first pump, and so far at least four people’s cards have been compromised. The sheriff’s office expects that number to grow as the investigation continues.

They say the skimming device is hidden in the pump, so before you scan your card, make sure the security sticker or security tape is still unbroken on the pump. If it’s not there, or looks like it’s been tampered with, go inside to pay and let the employees know immediately so they can contact law enforcement.

In the last month, in Lincoln, Lancaster County, and surrounding areas, LSO says there have been around 540 credit cards compromised by devices like this, with about $25,000 lost.