Fourth grader recovers from meningitis

Nine year old Kelsey Manchester is traveling the long road to recovery after becoming ill with meningitis. 

Her dad, Brian, says “I think she's just a little miracle.”

Her first night in the hospital, doctors wouldn't tell Kelsey's parents if she would make it.  “She was so sick, she didn't know where she was or her own name.  She spent a week in the hospital.

Kelsey says, “They had a fountain in the lobby so I'd throw two pennies in every day and I'd wish for me to get better and for Josef to get better.”

One of those wishes came true.  She got better.  Brian says, “At the beginning, you wonder what He's thinking about up there and why, but I think it's made us stronger.”

Some things have changed for Kelsey. She lost hearing in her left ear and the infection caused permanent nerve damage.  She has to go to physical therapy three days a week.  Every day she works hard to get back to “normal”.

Brian says, “It's going to be a lifelong battle for her.  It's something that's not going to end next week or next year.  It's going to affect her for the rest of her life.”

So whatever that new “normal” is, Kelsey can't wait to get there.  “I want to get back to my normal self and get back to doing gymnastics and baseball. It's really hard.”

People Kelsey's hometown of Swanton have organized a benefit to help her family with their medical costs .  It's this Saturday at 5:00 p.m.

They also have a fund set up at First Tri-County Bank.