Fourth of July clean-up in Lincoln

Lincoln Fireworks Clean-Up

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

The holiday left behind debris that can be harmful to plants and animals.

Carrying rakes and trash bags, volunteers walked throughout Oak Lake Park picking up trash and pieces of fireworks.

"It has you know metals, chemicals laced on all of the little paper pieces and everything," said Erin Kubicek an environmental health educator.

"If we don’t clean up after ourselves then we won’t have nice things like this and it’s nice to preserve the environment as much as we can," said Jacob Shannon, a clean-up crew member.

The cleanup followed the parks annual uncle Sam Jam that took place on July 3rd.

"Get out there with a broom, sweep it up, make sure that you’re throwing it away because all of that stuff is going to blow away, it will end up in the storm drains and ultimately end up in our lakes or streams," Kubicek said.

Lunch and free water bottles were provided to volunteers, and they were also entered into a drawing for a rain barrel.

"It’s just one more way to bring community together. Which I think is important," said Tom Hughes, a local franchise owner.

About 20 people volunteered to help clean up the park. It’s become a tradition, just like the fireworks show.