Fox sightings increasing across Lincoln

Posted By: Rachael Miner

Take a quick look and it appears to be a dog walking across a lawn, but that’s no dog, it’s a red tail fox.

Sightings of foxes in Lincoln have dramatically increased in recent years.

So why are we seeing more of them?

"They have become more acclimated to urban lifestyle including being around people and in people’s neighborhoods," said Steve Beal, the manager at Lincoln Animal Control. 

Beal says they’ve received dozens of calls from people spotting the animal in their yards.

Lincoln Police even got a call reporting people fighting in a Lincoln neighborhood, but come to find out, it was a group of foxes howling.

"Maybe there’s a rabbit that’s caught or something and there’s some competition over which fox or foxes is going to prevail and getting that food source you’ll hear that kind of I’ll call it screaming from the foxes. It’s a kind of hair raising sound and experience," Beal said.

Beal says the animals do not pose any danger to the public, and they should not be treated like dogs, "They are wild animals so they not a going to want to get petted nor should you try or catch them."

There are a few things you can do to avoid attracting foxes.

Don’t leave any pet food outside and keep bird feeders off the ground, Beal says foxes will get into them.

Also, keep your garbage in a sealed container because similar to racoons, foxes will dig through your trash if you leave it exposed.