Fraternity Fire Drill

For college students, Saturday mornings are usually reserved for catching up on sleep.  Instead, today some had what you may call a take home test.

Firefighters frantically round up students to clear the smoke filled hallways of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity…bBut there's no need to be alarmed… “we were in our rooms at first and smoke was coming in under our door and then they opened the door and it's like a huge fog and you don't really realize how disorienting it is and scary those situations are until you're in it. I know it's just a drill but it seemed real life and scary,” McKenna Slack says.

With help from Lincoln Fire and Rescue, and some theatrical smoke, fraternity brothers and sorority sisters got the chance to practice escaping a burning building…Senior Tyson Johnson says the intense and hectic experience serves as a valuable lesson… “it's just a good way of addressing an issue before the worst. We hope that it doesn't happen, but in case it does, it's always better to be prepared and that's what we're looking to do this morning.”

Firefighters say more people in a home means a greater risk of fires…take for example a Greek house at the University of Nebraska. What they learn here can be applied later on down the road.  Fire Investigator Rick Campos says, “I'm hoping that they can take this to life after the university so when they're at home with their children or their husbands or their wives that they can carry this on and be safe after they leave the university.”