Free Program For Newborn Parents

        Baby’s First is a first of it’s kind text messaging program that provides information to new parents and hopefully provide some peace of mind. It’s a program launched by WellCare of Nebraska and the health management company GoMo health.

        "It’s really everything you need to know about raising a child and we give it right to you," said Jessica Andersen. 

        It’s a fifteen week text messaging program that provides information, videos, questionnaires, and other resources that can be tailored to fit each parents specific needs. 

        Andersen, a registered nurse and the maternal project manager for the program, hopes it can be a resource for parents to educate them on what to expect with their babies, "The way we wrote the program was normal growth and development and then we educate you about it before it starts to happen so you’re reacting to something with the tools you need to get through it, instead of just grasping at straws."

        In addition to the development it provides information on topics like breastfeeding, baby proofing a house, doctors visits, and how to install a car seat.

        While baby’s first is designed to provide information on how to care for a newborn, it also gauges the mother’s health, "We do four screenings for post partum depression because that’s huge with moms and it’s hard to tell sometimes, especially if you haven’t had a baby before."

        Andersen hopes baby first can be useful for new parents as it was designed by doctors and nurses who are parents themselves. She also wants to remind new parents that no one has it all figured out and parents can learn from each other.

        "Every parent wishes they had all this information that would have gotten them through raising a child, so that’s what we did. We built a program that’s all those questions about I wish I had known this or this," Anderson said.

        Baby’s First is free to everyone in Nebraska. To enroll text code word BABY1 to 52046. For more information about the program check out Baby’s First website.