Fremont Police investigate suspicious death

Posted By: Camila Orti

Fremont Police are investigating what they’re calling a suspicious death after a body was found lying in the street. The victim has been identified as 52 year old Dennis A. Charron, of Fremont.

Officials say the call came in around 7:30 Sunday morning. They say somebody in the area reported seeing a man lying in 8th Street between Broad and H in the south part of town.

“The investigation revealed a 52-year-old male was found deceased on the side of the road, his name is not being released yet due to notification of the family,” Fremont Police Sgt. Brad Hansen said. Hansen says the man is from Fremont.

The entire block was taped off for about two hours as police and the Douglas County Mobile Crime Lab investigated. All of this happened just yards from Debbie Cusick’s front door.

“We just didn’t know what was happening, I thought, what are all these police doing here,” Cusick said.

Cusick says she woke up to police lights, but it was her husband who went to investigate.

“He came out and saw that there was a man lying in the street and that someone had passed away in front of our house,” Cusick said.

Officers had even taped off Cusick and her husband’s vehicles because of the body’s proximity to them, Cusick said.

“It’s really sad you know, that’s a person, someone’s uncle or friend, or father or son,” she said.

Police say there were no visible injuries or anything pointing to an obvious cause of death. No weapons were found, either, but police say they still haven’t ruled out foul play.

“We do want to stress that we don’t think there’s any danger to the local public, just that we’re investigating it still as a suspicious death,” Hansen said.

Investigators told Channel 8 they have an idea as to what may have caused the death, but are still waiting to see the coroner’s report. The autopsy is scheduled for Monday morning.