Fresh Start Homes needs your phones

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

        This holiday season you can give back in a really big way. The Fresh Start Home is looking for you to donate your old phones.

        Monica Zinke the executive director of the Fresh Start Home said, "A new need and it’s probably not a new need a newly identified thing for our wish list is phones to give out to people, including the people that are on our wait list."   

        The Fresh Start Home, houses a limited number of women, with an even longer waiting list to get into the home. The woman spend several months on the wait list, therefore, keeping in contact with them are of extreme importance.

        Michael Reinmiller a member of the board of directors expressed, "Well since we have never really tried handing out cell phones before we’re going to try it and see what happens. I’m optimistic but realistically if everyone has that old cell phone in their drawer in their desk and if it’s not being used and if it can maybe save someone’s life why not?"

        This isn’t the only thing that they do! 

        Zinke also added about what the Fresh Start needed this season, "During the holiday season we always have extra needs, for our residents and our participants in the community so some of it is things like gas cards so that they can get to all of their appointments without it being that additional struggle."

        Reinmiller also stated, "Chargers, maybe gas cards, uh it’s amazing how at the end of the month, we all feel the crunch of putting that money into the gas tank and sometimes all these ladies have is a car that’s they have and something’s they don’t even have that buy when all they have is a car and no joke the tank dries up pretty quickly."

        Give back this season to those who are need of a fresh start. Your old phone or just a simple donation maybe just what they need.

        Go to to find out how you can donate.