Friends remember Jaci Kehling

By: Jenn Schanz 

Friends of Jaci Kehling can all agree on one thing; she brought an energy everywhere she went.

“She was just a giant ball of fun and laughter,” says biking buddy Andy Seachord.

“Just a sweet little ball of sunshine,” says her Boss, Chris Deines.

When Kehling’s friends got a call about a fatal accident Monday night, they were hoping it wasn’t true.

Rescue crews were called to 52nd and O streets just before seven. Police say Jaci’s motorcycle collided with a car that was making a turn. 

She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Seachord says Lincoln’s biking community is tight knit; whenever an accident happens, they all text each other, to make sure everyone’s okay.

“We know the dangers of riding with two wheels, no seatbelts, no doors. We look out for each other, because we all know that we willingly take the same risk,” he says. 

Jaci was wearing her helmet at the time of the crash, something friends say she always did.

Aside from the biking community, Jaci was an active member of the Eagle Hollows Haunt, she was on the planning board for Lincoln Zombie Fest, and she worked for Anime Nebraskon.

“She was a different thing to so many different people,” says friend and co-worker Jared Minary.

“She cared about everybody. If you were having a bad day she was the one that was there for you,” says friend Rebeca Rose. 

Rose says Jaci lived everyday to the fullest, and that her love for life will not be forgotten.

“In this horrible nightmare, the only silver lining is that Jaci packed more life in her 24-years than most people get in their 90–year lifetime.”