Frog Fest draws thousands

Posted by: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

It’s no surprise that the best thing about radio station Froggy 98’s annual Frog Fest is the music. Cole Swindell headlined the event, but before him two other local bands took the stage.

"I like the music," concert attendee Brooke Taylor said. "I love it."

It’s the fourth Frog Fest; they’ve always been held out at Blue Stem Farms, but this is the first year it’s been on a Saturday instead of a Friday. The event staff say it’s because Saturday worked well for Swindell, and it was worth moving around. No one in attendance seemed to mind. 

"More people have off work, like me, and it works with schedules more, I guess you could say, cause it’s a weekend," said one attendee, Norman Sefrna.

There were around 4500 people at the festival. While in the past it’s been sweltering–above 90 every year–the weather was pleasant Saturday. In addition to the music, there were around 15 vendors, delicious food, and lots to drink.

"Each year after we complete one of these events we immediately start getting phone calls and emails, when’s the next frog fest? Whose going to be the next act? So we’re going to continue the tradition," said Froggy 98’s Steve Albertsen.