Frost says Husker offense needs to do more to help Adrian Martinez

Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost says the Husker offense needs to do more to help out quarterback Adrian Martinez. WATCH:

“We’ll talk all week about making sure Adrian is dealing with things that he’s expecting and not a bunch of uncertainties. That means receivers need to be in the right spots and protection being a little bit better. Snaps being better. We’re putting an awful lot on him anyway, but when he is worried about where the snap is, worried about who is coming unblocked, worried about if his receiver is going to be in the right place. That’s too much to put on a quarterback. So, we’ll continue to dial all those things in I think. As some of our young guys on offense get some more reps, get some more experience, they’ll continue to get better. I don’t want to phrase it that Adrian was going through struggles. If you look at the tape, he got flushed a bunch, was trying to make things happen. He doesn’t get rattled so that’s not an issue. W I’m not for a second painting it as Adrian struggles. We win and lose as a team. We make great plays and bad plays as a team,” Scott Frost said.