Frost says team has stabilized, turned a corner

Despite the Huskers 0-5 start to the season, Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost said on Monday that not only has his team stabilized itself after a crazy first month, but also that his players have finally turned a new corner. WATCH:

“Something has changed, it really changed after the Purdue game. It changed even more last week. I saw guys bonding together, having fun out there. Everybody is kind of excited to go to battle. I think getting to that turning point where the team wasn’t going to put up with any more of the culture-killers, and we’re going to become culture-keepers and culture promoters. I see that happening. I see the guys excited that they’re getting better. I see the guys excited that they’re moving forward,” Frost said. “Sometimes you have to lose a couple guys to get to that point, sometimes you have to maybe bench a couple guys to get to that point. Whatever it takes for the guys to understand, the thing that made them understand the most was losing really three games because of self-inflicted things. The whole attitude of everybody around here I feel like we finally turned the corner.”