Fund Set Up After Woman is Murdered in Denver

By: Sabrina Ahmed  

“All of my best stories are Kelly stories.”

This friend remembers Kelly Fallon after her tragic death.

You may recall, Kelly Fallon who lived in Lincoln for many years, was murdered in Denver more than a week ago. After her sudden death, friends have set up a fund to help her family.

After a robbery at a Denver bar goes bad, police believe Fallon was killed. She was one of five who died..

Denver police think the robbers walked into Fero's Bar and Grill, but ended up killing five people inside and then setting the bar on fire.

As Fallon's friends and family try to get through these tough times, they have set up two funds to help pay for the burial and to help her son, David.

We spoke with her friend who lives in Denver over the phone today, who will be the trustee of the funds.

“But her bigger heart's desire beyond that was to help her son to achieve his dreams and goals and that's what the funds will be used for 100 percent. 

Donations are accepted at Wells Fargo Banks across the country.  The funs is named the “Kelly Fallon Memorial Fund”. Donations are also accepted at the Calvary Temple in Denver, or on their web site, click on the Give link and mark “Outreach”.

Her funeral is scheduled for this Thursday.

Friends also say Kelly loved Lincoln. She would make spontaneous trips to Lincoln to visit friends, and she will be missed in both cities.