Fundraiser for girl diagnosed with cancer

By: Sabrina Ahmed

One young girl has her entire life ahead of her. She's a senior in high school, she still has college, and she wants to be a teacher.

But when she was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, she was forced to slow down.

“If we could literally make lemonade out of our life, we'd have jugs at our house,” Mikaelah Molifua, diagnosed in January, said.  “We could open a store.”

Her family has been hit hard over the last few years; her dad recently had a stroke.

“It's scary to think that it actually did happen to me,” Mikaelah said. “It's cancer, it's a big scary word and I think that's what it was.”

But she said this isn't going to stop her. She's a cheerleader at North Star High school and plans to try out for the Hastings Cheer Squad next week.

“Not beating it has never been an option for her. I've never heard her say 'I can't,'” Christina Nevitt, Mikaelah's cheerleading coach, said.

The Molifua family are in a rough patch and money is tight.

Mikaelah's high school community hosted a fundraiser to lessen the burden.

For Mikaelah's mom, this is overwhelming.

“There aren't enough words to express how I feel.  I keep telling people, I keep saying 'Thank you.' Thank you doesn't ever seem to be enough,” her mom said.

Mikaelah also said the immense support form her friends and community is more than she ever expected.

“There's not even enough words to explain how loved I feel and how much it's impacted my life because it makes me a stronger person,” Mikaelah said. “I would just say thank you, there's not enough words, thank you is an understatement for how I feel for all these people.”

On Sunday, a shocking 10,000 dollar donation was made by one family to help them buy a new car.

If you'd like to help, an event is being held at Raising Cane's on Tuesday and they have an account set up at Well's Fargo in Mikaelah's name.