Fundraiser for motorcycle crash survivor

Posted by: Abigail Wood

David Langston can’t remember the motorcycle crash that landed him in a wheelchair. He can’t remember loosing control or flipping into the ditch. He just remembers waking up in a Colorado hospital four days later, barely able to move.

"So they put me all back together out there in Greeley and what you see’s what’s left," he said.

The accident happened back in June. Dave and his friend, Bob, were on a road trip. They think he lost control on one of the highway’s six-foot patches of rumble strips.

"The bike flipped seven times. I rode it the seven times," he said. "The eighth time it flipped, it threw me."

Dave’s wife, Pat, credits his survival with one important detail.
"The helmet is what actually saved his life," she says.

Dave recovered in Greeley for three weeks, then finally got to go back to Lincoln. But when he arrived, he couldn’t go home. With a broken pelvis, fused spine, and shattered wrist. He’s confined to a wheelchair for the time being. His house has no ramp, the doorways are too small for the chair, and the bathroom isn’t accessible. Until it is, he’s staying in Homestead Health Care.

"It’s not so much I want him home," Pat said. "I need him home."

Dave and Pat have a close network of bike-riding friends who stayed with them through the crisis. They’re hosting an auction to raise money and make Dave’s home more wheel-chair accessible. The event starts at noon this Sunday at the Lincoln Firefighter’s Reception Hall. They say everyone is invited.
Dave also has a Liberty First Credit Account in his name if you can’t make the event but still want to help out.