Fundraiser for Watson family

A Lincoln man and his kids have been through quite a lot lately.

"The hospital bills are phenomenal," says Roger Watson.

Roger suffered a stroke around Easter. After that, he lost his wife, Kerri, who was only 45, to an unexpected heart attack. They have 4 children.

Right now, he’s having a hard time paying the hospital and funeral bills. That’s on top of trying to recover from his stroke.

"We’re just a grieving family taken by surprise trying to have a fundraiser to generate some funds for the funeral costs and the medical costs of both of us being in major medical problems," says Roger.

A fundraiser for will be held tomorrow at WC’s South Lounge; that’s near 27th and Highway 2. It goes from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

There will be food and drinks. They’ll have a free will donation and a silent auction. 

Tomorrow would have been Roger and Kerri’s 10th anniversary.