Fundraiser For Heart Surgery

Jaden Luebbe and his supporters were at Casey's General Store today sharing his story with Lincoln residents.

Jaden Luebbe is a typical 8–year old boy. He loves playing sports and spending time with his little sister Nevaeh. But when Jaden was just seven months old doctors discovered he had a heart murmur. It's caused by scar tissue wrapped around one of his main valves and the only way to fix the problem is through surgery. “it makes me a little nervous because I never had open heart surgery before,” Jaden says.

Jaden and his supporters, known as Jaden's angels, were at Casey's General Store today.  The money Lincoln residents spent on putting gas in their cars all went directly to Jaden's cause. They also bought “hearts” for a dollar which went right to the American Heart Association. So far, the effort has raised about 35–hundred dollars.

Jaden's family says they're overwhelmed by the community's support. Jaden's mother Jaime says “I mean, you can say thank you a thousand times, but it doesn't do just for the way you actually feel inside. It's just, warm fuzzies.”

Doctors say Jaden will have his surgery once he reaches his early teen years. His family hopes this surgery will correct the problem once and for all. Jaime says “hopefully we'll have one surgery and it'll be good…we won't have to do more.”

There's going to be a heart walk right here in Lincoln on April 30th. Jaden and his supporters are planning on attending.