Fundraiser Held For Care Home

A fundraiser was held Saturday in Lincoln for the Charlie M. Wilson replacement care home. It's a home that will provide independent living for adults with physical disabilities. Charlie Wilson's family is trying to raise enough money to put a down payment or even buy a plot of land, in South Lincoln. Those who know Charlie describe him as a curious, happy, outgoing young man. He's twenty, after all, and, and he wants to live on his own. He has cerebral palsy, but doesn't let the disease get in the way of living a full life. His friends say he has a knack for remembering birthdays, and he loves country music. Charlie's family and friends have been raising money to get started on a home that would provide independent living for other young adults with disabilities. So far, they've raised around $50,000. They need $275,000  to complete the project. Charlie's mom Patty also sells pies on the side, to help raise money for this home. They're $15 in many varieties, and over Thanksgiving she baked 300 for people in Lincoln. If you would like to donate, you can mail a check to the Charlie Wilson replacement care home, at 5000 Elkridge Road, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68516. Or you can call Patty at the Turning Point Salon, at 489-6549 to order those pies.