Funeral for fallen Plattsmouth soldier

A Nebraska soldier who died in Afghanistan was laid to rest Tuesday. Hundreds gathered to support specialist Blaine Redding and his family at a funeral service in his hometown of Plattsmouth.  Hundreds gathered outside the church to support their local soldier.  But the family requested those wanting to help remember their son, wear flip–flops because he was a laid back kind of guy.

The town of Plattsmouth was blanketed with hundreds of American flags and signs remembering 22 year old Specialist Blaine Redding. Redding, a Plattsmouth native, was 1 of 10 NATO soldiers who died in insurgent attacks in Afghanistan.  Fellow soldier Specialist Michael Rieke went to school with Rredding and was honored to be in attendance.  “Supporting my fellow soldiers is so important to me especially those who have gone before me and just knowing him and growing up with him in high school being here today, I don't think I could be anywhere else,” Spc. Rieke said.

Also in attendance were a couple hundred motorcyclists who travel to support fallen soldiers helping escort the family to and from the service… We're honored to be invited to participate in honoring our hero Specialist Blaine Redding on his final journey home, we're proud to be here we need to remind everybody it's not about us, it's about our fallen hero,”  Scott Knudson of Omaha said.

Redding is survived by his wife who he just married back in March, his 20 year old brother who was also serving in Afghanistan escorted his body back to the US for the services.  Fellow classmate Breanna Rye started a group on Facebook to help get the word out about the services.

“Its important to have support for him we wanted to out number them the community could see that there were more people that are respectful and that are appreciate the soldiers and the military,” Rye said.

There were also about 10 members of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting outside of the funeral with signs, but they only stayed for about 30 minutes.