Future plans for Pershing

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Events are scheduled to be in the Pershing Center for the next year, but in August 2014, it's anybody's guess what happens after that.

“Well I'm happy to report that in the first 80 days we've got 10 concerts booked and that's not just honeymoon time,” PMG Lincoln general manager Tom Lorenz said about the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

The big names coming to Lincoln require big space. P!nk is taking the stage Nov. 9 and she's bringing 23 semis with her.

The Trans Siberian orchestra also has a huge cargo load with 26 semis.

“People ask why we can't do these things at Pershing? Pershing we get about three trucks in there… it's not going to work,” Lorenz said.

Some are questioning the need for more than one event center.

“I think you have to transition out of it, but I do think you need to put all your resources and all your focus into one event center,” Chamber of Commerce president Wendy Birdsall said.

In August 2014, the city is going to pull its lease on the Pershing Center leaving it open for businesses or possibly reconstruction for another attraction, but until then, events are still on the calendar for Pershing.

“We still will do roller derby, we'll do Shrine Circus, football is coming back for another year, we have a lot of standard events we do there year after year,” Lorenz said.

The next concert in Pershing is scheduled for Nov. 15.