Game and Parks stocks lakes with trout

By: Brittany Paris

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission poured 2,500, 10-inch rainbow trout into CenturyLink Lake at Mahoney State Park on Wednesday.

“(They're) really good fish to catch, they're fun to catch. Just have people come out and go after them,” Dennis Bridge, Game and Parks, said.

But this is just one of the dozens of lakes and ponds Game and Parks will stock this month, and just a few of the 44,000 trout that will have a new home.

Game and Parks says they stock trout to keep populations up. And on a nearly 70-degree day, everyone's chomping at the bit to go outside.

“I look forward to this spring stocking because I'm not an ice fisherman, so it's the first time in about six months I'll get to get out. And especially when the weather is beautiful like this, I really enjoy it,” Emyl Bereccek, fisherman, said.

Game and Parks says the water is still a little bit cold this time of year, and these trout are cold water fish, so they're still very active and easy to catch.

“We stock these around the state in parks waters and urban waters, specifically so folks who are beginners, first time anglers, kids especially, can get out and catch some fish,” Daryl Bayer, Game and Parks said.

This is just the first day of stocking. Game and Parks will continue to do it through the end of the month.

You can find more information on their website,