Gardeners feeling effects of dry weather

Posted By: Camila Orti

It’s planting season in Nebraska, but local gardening pros are saying it’s been a slow start.

They’re blaming the cold, dry fall and winter seasons for some gardening woes, including dried up evergreens and slow-to-grow perennials. The plants in your garden might not look pretty yet, but Campbell’s Nursery experts say, give them some time.

“Mother Nature was a little late getting out of the gate, so they are starting to push in a lot of cases, there might be some additional trimming to do this year,” Andrew Campbell with Campbell’s Nursery said. “Hopefully in a couple weeks, they should pop nicely and hopefully go into a full state of growth.”

Campbell says other things to remember before planting include fertilizing soil that has been repeatedly planted in, and avoiding insecticides for now. He says it’s better to take care of bug problems as they come.