Gas Investigation: Are you getting what you pay for?

Just when you thought there was no more bad news at the pump a new investigation is suggesting gas stations may be ripping you off with their gas.

How are they doing this?

Investigators say some stations are advertising regular unleaded gas with no ehtanol…however further findings show there is some in it.  

Many consumers are having a hard time filling up their vehicles as is, but a new investigation suggesting that gas stations are ripping people off, just makes matters worse for those struggeling to keep their tanks full.

When you pull up to a gas station the first thing most people are looking at is the price of a gallon of fuel.

But now some are wondering if they're getting what they're paying for. A new investigation from the Attorney General's office along with Weights and Measures has found out a significant amount of gas stations are advertising regular unleaded gas with no alcohol.

But after testing the gas they're finding there's definitely some in it, around 5 to 10 cents a gallon worth.

In other words, they're charging you for regular unleaded, but they're saving money by adding ethanol to it.

Weights and Measures says it's becoming such a problem, they're finding around 3 to 4 gas stations a week trying to cheat their customers.

And while neither the Attorney General's office or Weights and Measures would say where the gas stations in question are located, they will be tough on offenders.

As for consumers they say they feel as if they're stuck.

It has not been confirmed if any of these stations are in Lincoln, there has been previous problems like this in North Platte.

Now as for the gas stations, if they are found to be in violation the pumps are either padlocked or their electrical pumping dispensers are shut down immediately.

They are then forced to pump out all of the gas, and must replace it with the correct product and then they must provide the previous 6 months sales receipts to the Attorney General's office.